Turbo Atoll: Chapter 2 - Comic Book
Turbo Atoll: Chapter 2 - Comic Book

Turbo Atoll: Chapter 2 - Comic Book

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After a near-fatal assassination attempt on CyMa's life, Rex and Vaughn find themselves swimming in the turbulent waters of Turbo Atoll. With a invite to a prestigious state dinner, the duo walk into a potential shooting gallery of various nefarious actors. Can they trust Jasmean? Who's side is the King on? Will there be a desert course? Possibly buffet style? Pre-Order Turbo Atoll Chapter 2 today to find out! 

Also includes a bonus (full color) Harbor Noir story by @TheKnobbyWood

NOTE: This item is for ages 18+ ONLY. It contains violence, nudity, curse words, and super-fast hover cars. 

Story by Jesse DeStasio

Pencils by Ian Ameling
Inks and Additional Artwork by Gavin Mackie 
Turbo Atoll Logo by Johan Ulrich

Edited by Nate Jones 

Page Count   TBD
Page Size   6.625" x 10.25"

Ships with a free backer board and poly bag!

Turbo Atoll, Harbor Noir, Rex Ganon, Vaughn Von Braugh, Knights of the Slice & Toy Pizza are © & ™ 2021 Eerie Theory Entertainment, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.