A Proposition for Mustard

A Proposition for Mustard 

Story by Jesse DeStasio

Art by Scott Paige 

It was 3AM, and the work never seemed to be done. Mustard Knight, left behind once again, was charged with mailing out long-overdue fan letter responses. He cursed under his breath as he struggled to open the back door. 

"I'm the best swordsmen in all of the KOTS...but still they put me on mail duty!" 
The door swung open with a loud thunk, "I could be out there helping!" 

"I couldn't agree more..." A voice startled him. 

Mustard was startled by the stranger, instinctually dropping his mail bag and reaching for a sword...that wasn't there! 

"Damn." Mustard cursed, "I left it inside."

"No need! I'm not here to rob you. I'm mean no harm...to you anyway." The stranger spoke, his voice distorted through his helmet. "I am here to offer you a change." 

Mustard froze in place but he didn't feel threatened. The anger he felt earlier at the menial chores started to dissipate.  

"You, just like me, have been wronged by the mega-monopoly that is Fred Foods, Pizza Shunt, and the Knights of the Slice. Corporations this size have no right to exist. And so I'm going to destroy them....with your help." 

The stranger touched a button on his forearm (which Mustard was just now realizing looked like standard KOTS armor).  A holo-projection hovered above his wrist. 
"Have they ever even used you on a mission? Such loyalty for nothing in return. Work for ...no...with me, and I'll give you an armor upgrade. You can be something new." 

Mustard cocked his head to the side and studied the holo-projection as well as the stranger. He felt vaguely familiar to Mustard, but his domed helmet betrayed nothing of the person underneath. And his words did ring true. In fact, they stung. Mustard knew he was right. 

The coronation happened there in the alley. 
"I'll just use some of this stolen Bugmen code to materialize a sword, helmet, and armor." The stranger busied himself. The objects soon appeared, glowing transparent with a powerful energy. 

Mustard knelt to accept his destiny. 

Tossing his Mustard helm aside, he felt the cool rush of air as his new face slide down around his temples. It felt like home. 

Hopping to his feet and swinging his new blade, Mustard felt a rush. He was alive again. 

"Hell yeah!" He exclaimed.
The stranger clapped in mock celebration.
"I name you- Mostaza, the Sunlight Swordsman!"