I did some digging on the name you sent me. 
Interesting results.

Anton Polyakov Krosszskulls,
known mostly by just his last name.
A soviet genetic wet dream. Turned 18 in the formative
year of 1984, the year he first shows up in the United States.
The Kremlin sent him to Mackinac Island
for a sort of "culture exchange" between
the USSR and the USA. Representing the later
was none other than our "friends" at Fred Foods, Inc.
with their attache designated as one "Proto Knight".

The idea was to have a physical fitness
competition followed by the unveiling of
a joint Soviet and America public works project-
a huge reflector dish with the ability to power
the entire island with a renewable green energy source. 
The story get fuzzy from there, likely
because of the "coincidental" presence of this guy...
Maximillian Mathers Munroe IV
(what is it with Connecticut WASPs and their damn names?).
Old blue blood. Never officially employed
by intelligence agencies, but long family history
of working on the wrong side of things (read: BBH).
This snap was enhanced from some old 8mm film,
he was in the background just by the fudge store on the island.
Years later, his son would tussle with
Krosszskulls during the first Iraq War...again,
probably not a coincidence. 
In any case, the exhibition ended in a draw-
Proto and Krosszskulls competing seemed
to bring out the best in both sides...tensions cooled.
The unveiling of the dish, however, didn't go so smooth.
There was some sort of altercation near the installation,
which resulted in Krosszskulls having his right arm
incinerated and his face singed. 

I suspect sabotage. As you can figure out, the relations ended there. 
Krosszskulls had his arm replaced with
spare Sputnik prototype parts,
refusing the "medicine of the west". 

Instead of plastic surgery, he donned a medieval helmet
(an artifact claimed to have been
captured by a Kievan Rus General)
to add menace to his legacy. 
 He went on to play a part in the first Iraqi War,
but that's another data dump altogether. 

Final piece of curiosity- if any of this sounds familiar,
that's because there was a comic book
dramatization printed (covertly) by the CIA back in the late 90s
and inserted into school libraries. 
(by the way, none of these guys look like that in real life). 

I'll do some more digging on Shatterfront itself
and report back to you soon. 
CyMa out! 






Art Glossary- 

Image 1: CyMa by Erica Jones and Raddick by Knobbywood 

Image 2: by Knobbywood 

Image 3: Siva-Jack Servongstat

Image 4: Jesse DeStasio

Image 5: Jesse DeStasio

Image 6: Gavin Mackie