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Capsule Mech Conversion Kit - 3d Files

Capsule Mech Conversion Kit - 3d Files


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With the repeal of the universal anti-mech law, militaries across the globe race to bring this once-forbidden tech to market. The easiest way is by retrofitting the mysterious Capsules, as their endless energy output makes them perfect sources for the considerable voltage harnesses and weapons require. 

NOTE: 3d File download only! This is a digital product. 

Designed by Ben Mininberg, this kit of three accessories attaches to any v1 Capsule. 
These items are best utilized by a c&c printer, or if you are using a resin printer, make sure to add a flexible resin to avoid breakage. 

Includes tank treads, missile battery, and jet-pack harness. Capsule, and other items shown in pics, are not included. 


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