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CyMa Material Gals 4 Pack Cyber Mama

CyMa Material Gals 4 Pack Cyber Mama


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As we unravel the mystery of who Cyber Mama really is, we know she's a spymaster who utilizes the MMORPG Vector World as her preferred location to conduct espionage. She takes many forms and has many simulacrum, including this army of earth-toned mamas

This 4 pack of unpainted Material Gals includes plenty of custom fodder to let you build your own creations until you die!

Each gal 
comes deluxe with an additional accessory pack which includes- Caster Wand, Kirallius Armor torso, Psychic Suppressor Helm, Teleportation Pauldron, and Robo-Panic & Bug heads. 

PRE-ORDER ITEM- Goods will ship by Jan. 31st. 

Knights of the Slice & Toy Pizza are © 2020 Eerie Theory Entertainment. Note: Adult Collectible. This is not a Toy. Ages 15+.


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