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Lord Dinox

Lord Dinox


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A longtime enemy of CroMega, Lord Dinox runs his rival faction on the borders of Clan Cro. Ruthless and scheming, Lord Dinox employees Impish assassins and cut-throats, known as the Mumbling Grunts, to try and antagonize Cro into an all-out war. Opportunity comes one day in the form of a reed-thin stranger. He promises Lord Dinox all of Clan Cro's land, if he helps squashed the weakened CroMega. 
Looks like he'll get his war after all...

This is a Design-A-Knight figure, from the mind of Adam Kenyon. 

Note: If you backed the crowdfunding campaign in 2020 for the 8 pack tier- you are already getting this figure

Be sure to read Summer of Knights and The Battle For Pangea Island to get the full story on these new figures. 

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