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Apotheosis Set - Gold Capsules w/Mikros Hyper Knights

Apotheosis Set - Gold Capsules w/Mikros Hyper Knights


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A powerful combo of x3 Hyper Mikros each with their own Apotheosis Gold Capsules, for a special price. 

When the Mikros living computers' curiosity became too great, a trio of them dare to enter the Apotheosis Capsules. This was a cataclysmic mistake, as it not only created Vector Tears, but it also pulled the Hyper Knights into our reality. They exited the capsules in a new form, a violent and weaponized body. 

What other anomalies has this event cause? We don't know for sure yet...but the instances of wolves howling every night has increased a thousand-fold. 

Knights of the Slice & Toy Pizza are © 2019 Eerie Theory Entertainment, Inc. Note: Adult Collectible. This is not a Toy. Ages 15+

Apotheosis Capsule Designed by Mechazone 


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