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Lince Runbro + bonus heads

Lince Runbro + bonus heads


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Read Lince's Story Here

It’s always two. 

Jacked dudes. Buff friends. 

Tier-1 operators and best buds.
It’s been an ancient strategy since war was invented...a warrior is only as good as the partner by his side, so long as that partner is equally yoked with zero percent body fat.
Together a pair of bros can take on an entire army of enemies.

Includes Head-of-Tank & Raddick head accessories for an instant new look or two. 

Bonus: First 75 orders include Warlords of War Carbine & Knife 

Lince Runbro, Raddick, Head-of-Tank, Knights of the Slice, & Toy Pizza are © & ™ 2021 Eerie Theory Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Note: Adult Collectibles. These items are not Toys. Ages 15+ Only.


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