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Clean, the Ace of Spades

Clean, the Ace of Spades


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Sent from the Genessary to the harbour city of Turbo Atoll, Clean sits in a hotel room awaiting his mission. Eager to use the new stealth weaponsthe man also known as the Ace of Spades paces anxiously. Will the call come in? 
Who is it he's going to off? Do the people here appreciate his impeccable taste and crisp white suit? 

Includes stealth carbine and clear six-shooter. 

Note: Adult Collectibles. These items are not Toys. Ages 15+ Only. 

M.O.F.O.s are © & ® 2021 Most Management, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Rex Ganon, Turbo Atoll, Knights of the Slice, and Toy Pizza are © & ® 2021 Eerie Theory Entertainment, inc. All Rights Reserved.


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