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Mikros Set - BLT

Mikros Set - BLT


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Once the worm moon rises in the sky, the ancient micronized race know as the "Mikros" can exit the vector-soil particles and intermingle with humankind. They are living computers, each one linked to a human being and acting as a sub-atomic backup for their memories. Why were they tethered to man? Was it an invasive surveillance for a long-dead alien species? Or perhaps a sick reality show for off-world tyrants? 
With their ability to expanding into a size of roughly 5' 9", the Mikros can integrate into modern society somewhat flawlessly. 

What do these computers want? Are they just here to observe? Or is there a sinister purpose? I'm afraid we have more questions than answers. 
While these beings are not the actual KOTS original members, they contain all their memories and experiences. So are they more human than human?

Consider decking out the Mikros figures with our new Traveler Chrome Armor. 

Knights of the Slice & Toy Pizza are © 2019 Eerie Theory Entertainment, Inc. Note: Adult Collectible. This is not a Toy. Ages 15+


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