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Temple Of Udina 3 Pack Bundle

Temple Of Udina 3 Pack Bundle


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Gold Helm and Lt. Basil stumble across the waterlogged body of Azu Lado. The two are devout followers of Udina, the water goddess. They chose garments of red to symbolize the yearning for the sea level to rise up and turn crimson with the blood of the unworthy. Their calling was to bring about the great second flood and learn to live amongst the sea currents. Both former Knights of the Slice, Gold Helm and Basil were laid off during the euro-crisis and filled their day with devotion to the old spirits.

3 Material Style Figures + Heads & Capes + New painted pirate weapons pack!
Note- Azu comes with hand painted deco by your's two are alike. Best for display, not play. Head colors may also vary.

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Knights of the Slice & Toy Pizza are ©,®,™ 2023 Eerie Theory Entertainment. Note: Adult Collectible. This is not a Toy. Ages 15+


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