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Zog Upgrade

Zog Upgrade


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Going through a breakup is tough, and King Zog took it harder than most.
Blaming his partner's employer for keeping them apart, Zog swears to extract revenge from the Knights of the Slice and Fred Foods, Inc.

Cashing out his retirement and signing away the rest of his humanity, Zog undergoes some dangerous upgrades to make him a more lethal killing machine. While recovering in the modification clinic, he overhears that Chameleon Lime is also recuperating there. While C. Lime is essentially living hard drive backup of the former leader of the KOTS, it's still a good target for the revenge plot! 

This deluxe figure includes a Device Ninja Caliber Kit as well as a Glyos  Swing Joint Set, both in pearlized white. 

Knights of the Slice & Toy Pizza are © & ™ 2022 Eerie Theory Entertainment, Inc.
All Rights Reserved. Note: Adult Collectibles. These items are not Toys. Ages 15+ Only.


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