Birth of a Vekpire

Reed knew when his number was up, and this was it.
Marson had taken perverse pleasure in slowly torturing Reed
over the past few days, and this orchestra of pain was about to reach it's crescendo. 
Using his telekinesis powers to strip the outer lilac armor
and then Reed's chest hard drive, Marson reached for
a new replacement for Reed's torso cavity. 
"I'm actually glad it turned out this way," cackled Marson, "You get to be my test subject." 
The chest piece hovered for a moment,
dancing in the magnetic pull, before snapping into place with a satisfying click. 
Pain immediately washed over Reed.
Changing chest hard drives was dangerous enough,
but an incompatible one could be deadly.
He snarled in pain and rocked against the restraints. 
Slowly, his body was taken over, the very color
of his skin and jumpsuit seemed to change with it. 
The uncontrollable thrashing nearly suffocated Reed,
as his neck was pinned to
the backboard by a control collar.
As suddenly as the pain came on,
it left, and the restraints clicked open. 
While he could not see the changes his own face,
Reed knew he was altered forever.
Marson stood at attention, admiring his sick handiwork.
With a gesture of his hand, Reed sprung off the ground. 
"You are now a Vekpire. will need to feed in order to survive."
Another flick of Marson's wrist
and Reed was tossed across the room. 
"I'll send you to her, so she can be your first victim."
Reed flew through the air at a breakneck speed.
He was too weak to struggle. 
His short journey ended when the back of
his head met with a hard object. 
Marson unhitched the yellow caster wand from beneath his cloak.
It was a small trophy he had reclaimed
from the brief battle with CyMa.
He took aim at Reed as the Zoner capsule closed around him. 
The wand sprang to life and instantly swallowed
the Zoner capsule in a disorienting cloud
of patterns and visual sound.
If Reed had decided to lay with the weak,
and covet the life of the earthlings,
Marson would oblige him.
Send him to earth to be their ruiner. 


Reed was not conscious for the violent approach
the capsule encountered tearing into the
space / time fabric above earth.
Little did he know, the countryside of
England would soften his impact. 
A nearby tower, refurbished from the Dark Ages
into a modern living space, nearly missed
being decapitated by this otherworldly vessel.
It's shocked inhabitant watched from her balcony as it fell. 
What was left of Reed Schweizer sat in still blackness.
He was slowly starting to come around,
getting a sense of his surroundings.
There was a tightness around his body, was he trapped?
The memories slowly started to fade back in.
The Blood Capsule.
His face! 

The loud screech of metal being folded
interrupted his thoughts, as the capsule was ripped open. 
The sunlight was blinding, but he made out
the soft features of the face he longed for.
The Vekpire struggled to stay conscious
as his eye lids felt impossibly heavy.  

"The bloody hell you doing on my property?" A British voice asked. 

Continued in Forrest & Saxon