The Story So Far

Our tale begins in 1984, when conglomerate Fred Foods, Inc., relaunches the ancient Order of the Knights of the Slice to act as modern day mascots and bodyguards for their franchise Pizza Shunt

Throughout history, the KOTS acted as sentinels guarding citizens' most precious resource: food.
Now they are being rebranded as kid's meal toys and Saturday morning cartoon heroes.

This corporate initiative portents the Food Wars, which broke out shortly thereafter. Worldwide scarcity begins and the formation of mega-corporations are permitted to combat starvation.

CEOs are hailed as saviors, but which segments of the global population
they chose to actually save is a question no one asked for decades.


It's around this time the first KOTS is maimed in battle. 

His face is melted off during a mission and his position is terminated
to avoid the huge medical bills Fred Foods would have to pay.


The first knight swears revenge.


Now it's the future- 

Food delivery, once an accessible job for students and immigrants, becomes the world's most dangerous profession. It's a luxury only the rich can afford, and is prone to hijacking.

Soon private military contractors begin making tactical deliveries with heavily armored vehicles.

Lime and Brick are two Fred Food employees who meet a
spirited cosplayer aiming to become a Knight of the Slice. 

After the trio defeat Head of Tank and his Robots Who Wear Clothes gang, Teal officially joins KOTS.

Teal learns about the connection to the mythic city of Atlantis, and that some race from beyond this world gifted a pizza recipe that granted immense powers.
This is where the KOTS derive their heightened senses and strength. 
In a battle with the food pirate Skallgrimmson
(who's gang dresses as skeletons to emulate their hunger),
Teal kills the villain despite the KOTS having a pledge to use only non-lethal means to resolve problems. 

This creates a friction between Teal and Lime, although Fred
(the mysterious owner of Fred Foods, Inc.) sees a different opportunity.

Teal is given a secret side-quest on the next mission,
but before he can fulfill it- he's abducted by a mysterious craft.


Brick and Lime return to Pizza Shunt HQ, but Teal is MIA.
A furious Lime confronts Fred, but ultimately backs down when his employment is threatened.

Shortly thereafter, anomalies start happening.


Vector Jumpers, travelers from different times and dimensions, start appearing around the globe. Fred quickly shifts focus to anticipating and intercepting these events, with a hope of duplicating their technology.

It's a success, and KOTS begin traveling through the Vector to make deliveries instantaneous. This maximizes profits in a way never before thought possible. Many Knights get upgraded VJ armor.

Around this time, construction begins on Sub City, a floating research facility partially funded by Fred Foods. 

Shortly thereafter, the first Knight reappears, with a new moniker: Death Knight! He is defeated handily several times, but finally re-emerges fused with a deadly ancient entity called the Chaos King


In a showdown at the soda factory, Lime sacrifices his life to defeat the merged Death / Chaos being.


The KOTS sputter around without a leader for several months.
Brick eventually tracks down a former military type, Rex Ganon, to act as interim-leader.

The move comes just in time--

Teal returns, leading an extraterrestrial army of Rift Killers to strike back at Fred Foods & planet Earth.

 Rex, wearing an armor powered by an A.I. simulacrum of Lime,
puts up a worthy fight but is ultimately beaten by Teal. 

But, with his Rift Killers scattered and separated from their leader, Teal chooses to retreat.
The Lime A.I requests to be terminated, and an injured Rex obliges. 
After this defeat, Fred Foods directs a manipulation of the Vector to bring in heroes from the medieval ages, the
Old Knights. With these historic allies, the remaining Rift Killers are beaten back. 

It is theorized the meddling by Fred Foods of the
Vector's space / time continuum triggered 3 Anomaly Events.

They are as follows- 
Anomaly Event #1: The presence is detected of the Chorager-
a seemingly mortal human who is somehow able to exist and thrive inside of the deadly Vector. 
Anomaly Event #2: The mysterious discovery of the Capsules, artifacts which appear to be technologically advanced, yet somehow existed before written history. 

Each capsule seems to be infused with a specific power, with the opening of certain ones potentially triggering further anomalies.

Anomaly Event #3:  The appearance of the ancient automaton race known as the Mikros.
While their original interactions with humans are benevolent, the Mikros are eventually corrupted by entering the gold Apotheosis Capsule.

This acts as the catalyst to what some call the Hyper Event


A Brief Detour: it is some time around these events that mercenary
(and former partner of Rex Ganon) Vaughn Von Braughn comes in
contact with none other than the mummified remains of... 
Vaughn is transformed by this meeting, granted the mysterious
ability which allows his limbs and body parts
to be interchanged with machinery with a mere thought. 

Both Alexander & Vaughn's current whereabouts are unknown.


Seemingly unrelated, but with important consequences,
Device Ninja cyborgs begin to appear as an antagonistic force against the KOTS.

A product of lethal Japanese technology, Device Ninjas are tasked with uprooting
Fred Food's stranglehold on the US & Global food markets.

Circling back- the Hyper Event, arguably considered to be the 4th Anomaly,
is the merging of the worlds of our earth and that of the Hyper Knights

In their alternate world, Hyper Knights are the equivalent of the Order of the Knights of the Slice.
Instead of being a non-lethal paramilitary security force,
 Hyper Knights make up the standing army of the totalitarian ruler called The Trilobyte King.


A mix of human and cybernetic parts, Hyper Knights are trained from birth to be warriors.
With their exposure to our earth culture, they slowly start to desire life outside of the Trilobyte King's reign.
A small contingency of the initial invasion force break off and seek asylum with the KOTS.

To quell the uprising of his troops, the Trilobyte King unleashes the Hyper Death- his personal assassin. 

Hyper Death hunted down and destroyed the Mikros, stealing their hard drives
and synthesizing the data to his chest hard drive.
He was successful in suppressing many of the defectors,
but Hyper Death's current status is unknown.

 The defecting Hyper Knights and the KOTS come to find an ally in an unusual place. 

Cyber Mama (nicknamed CyMa) appears to be a veteran of the
Food Wars turned bartender. But she's actually a
spymaster utilizing the popular MMORPG Vector World
as a means for collecting kompromat & oppo research.
Living many lives in each of the known dimensions, her knowledge is vast and valuable. 

CyMa also has a mysterious Caster Ability,
which allow her to create synthetic life in
the Vector and bring it over into our dimension.


A favorite pastime of CyMa is to create Bugmen,
loyal servants made to emulate her childhood drawings.
Their worship of CyMa knows no end,
and they are eager to sacrifice their lives in her name.


CyMa rejects joining the Order of the KOTS, but agrees to take their money as a subcontractor.
Her first real challenge comes in the form of Marson, the Trilobyte King's head interrogator.

Marson's obsession with finding the Blood Capsule
 involves a plan to flood Earth with the highly-addictive VECT compound,
a drug that allow humans to open and travel in the vector metaphysically.
CyMa faces off against Marson and is almost killed if not for --


Reed Schiewzer

An ace pilot of the Zoner Capsule(v2),
Reed had sympathies for the rebellion, but stayed part of the Trilobyte King's space force.
After being struck by CyMa's beauty, he officially defects.
Buying her time at the cost of his capture,
Reed sends CyMa off only to be imprisoned by Marson.

  Continued In Birth of a Vekpire
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