Combat Bugmen & Hyper Eel

The meeting was to take place by the dam, late morning.
Combat Bugmen, his queen's most decorated warrior,
was crouched in the bushes with
his carbine trained on the horizon. 
He kept his wits sharp, finger resting
to the side of his MPL's trigger. 

Combat was sent to this scenic lake
to rendezvous with Hyper Eel,
a potential defector in the
Hyper Knight civil war.
Little was known about Eel,
other than he was very close to
Marson's inner circle and served
as an infiltration specialist. 

"Stealth expert, huh? I can play that game."
Combat whispered to himself.
He dialed the pigment in his suit down,
to allow for a more transparent
green that better blended with the surroundings. 

It was eerily still, not a cloud
in the sky nor a ripple on
the water's surface.
Eyeing the bridge nearby,
Combat watched as a dark shape
silently slid out of
the water and onto the walkway.
That must be him!

(art by Ian Ameling) 
"Not a bad entrance,"
Combat offered in a friendly tone,
keeping his carbine trained on Eel.
"You have some information for me?" 

Eel held perfectly still, breathing heavily
through what sounded like a vocoder.
Curiously, he was garbed
in an earth KOTS helmet, with a cracked right eye.
Hardly the type of gear to give a tactical advantage...
must've held some sort of sentimental value
(thought Hyper Knights were notorious unsentimental). 

"My unit is ready to join you. But first we need help."
Eel's words coming out in a flat mechanical monotone. 
"You got it," Combat nodded,
instantly cursing himself for being too enthusiastic. 

"Tomorrow there will be a trailer heading
through the vector carrying one
of our partisans. If you can break him out,
we'll all jump ship to your team." 

Combat felt a drop of sweat building
along his brown line under his helmet.
"Easy enough." 
Eel lowered his weapons and
started to inch backwards.
"It'll take some detective work, but we know the trailer
will be traveling in the actual Vector stream,
not in a specific level. You'll need someone
who can not only survive, but IS part of the vector." 
Combat allowed himself a smile- 
"We got just the guy..."