Dr. Mad

(art by Red Menace) 
Story by Nicholas Fung

The lights flicker as Marson walks down the hallway of his serpentine laboratory, deep in the bowels of Hadean. The distant screams echoing off the metallic walls affirmed it was a normal work day in his research facility. 
Pain equaled progress. 
Stopping at a magenta door, Marson produced an ancient looking metal key, inserting it into a rather primitive lock. 

In the corner, hunched in the shadows of the cramped cell, what was once a person sits somberly.  

"You'll forgive me for keeping you captive. Your initial surgeries triggered violent outbursts." Marson spoke emotionlessly. "This was for your own good." 
Marson steps forward, but the subject pulls away, like a beaten dog. "Things have changed and you are needed." 
"Your colleague, Dr. Silver, has defected...and I'm being called away to earth. I need someone I can trust to keep things running smoothly here." 
Pulling an object from behind his back, Marson produces a moon-shaped device and presented it. 
"You're ready for your final upgrade. Can I count on you?" 
Silently, with blank red eyes beaming, Dr. Mad looks up at his superior. Marson, perhaps in pity, perhaps in disgust, gently pats his head. Mad exhales and seems to be relieved.

Dr. Mad slowly picks himself up to his feet, the gift tucked under his armpit. Grabbing the device with his right hand, Dr. Mad clicks it into place over his missing limb. It whirrs and spins, connecting with Mad's mind through a telepathic connect. 

He is ready. 
To Be Continued 

About Dr. Mad - 
A childhood creation of Toy Pizza co-founder, Nicholas Fung,
Dr. Mad is a unique entry into the Old Heroes
sub-collection of Knights of the Slice action figures. 

"Circa ‘95/96, I got my first sketchbook and developed a passion for drawing, but it was only Mortal Kombat fatalities. In hindsight, I’m surprised my teachers and parents were never concerned with all the graphic stuff I was drawing.
I had a “Eureka!” moment when I realized I could draw an original character versus an MK fighter and Dr. Mad was one of, if not the first.

I had imagined him with slicked back hair and a scar on his face to show he’s been in a few fights.
The “doctor” title implied he was an intellectual genius, probably influenced from Dr. Claw, Dr. Doom or Doogie Howser.
“Mad” was to show he was evil enough to be crazy, or crazy enough to be evil, who knows! But he is a villain with incalculable brain power and malice."
- Nicky Fung 6/13/2020