Raddick: Mission Two

Raddick: Mission Two 

Story by- Jesse DeStasio

Video by- Kenneth West

Raddick regained consciousness
but decided to sit with his face down
in the sand for a couple minutes
while the pain subsided.
He remembered launching himself
through the vector wall, but where
he had landed was a mystery to him.
Somewhere hot...a desert level? 


He was startled by a sudden pressure on his back.
A whiny metallic voice shrieked in his ears. 
Something was standing on Raddick's back,
pinning him further into the ground.
He twisted and positioned himself to face his attacker.
Before he could see what it was,
Raddick's fist hit something hard that shattered. 
It was some sort of robot,
apparently not well armored.
With his fist still embedded
in the attacker's dome,
Raddick brought himself to his feet. 
The robot still wiggled, trying in vain to escape. 
With a quick jerk of his arm, the problem ended. 
Raddick wasn't sure what the hell
that thing was, but there wasn't any time
to waste on an autopsy.
He needed to get his ass to Mars. 
As the robot's head slid down his knuckles
and onto the ground, Raddick noticed
something sticking out of the sand. 
A Caster Wand!
Had CyMa been here?
There couldn't be that many people
that had these powerful artifacts.
Luckily, there was a little juice left in it.
Raddick clicked it on and let it charge. 

He took a deep breath and then fired it up, tearing a vector portal into being.  


Meanwhile, on Mars