Azu Lado II

(art by Joey Ahlbum) 
"Where to now?" Mustard asked.
His body was coursing with energy since
he'd decided a few minutes prior
to leave the Knights of the Slice and join
Azu Lado on his mission for revenge.
But there was also a gnawing suspicion
in Mustard's brain he'd might have made
the wrong choice. He decided to combat that
feeling with letting more excitement in. 
"Now we need a driver. We'll hit up the parking
lots beneath the train." Azu offered,
his metallic tinged voice hiding any hints at his identity.
"But first...." 
Azu pressed some of the buttons on
his gauntlet and his body began to glow. 
"....I need a new look!" 

While their plan to overthrow the mega-conglomerate
behind KOTS was no doubt going to shower them in riches,
the duo opted to take the train to save a couple bucks.
They got to the ruins of Wall Street and
walked under the elevated line to find the
driver Azu had called "The best in the biz"
The driver did not look up at the duo approached. 
Tired of being ignored, Azu drew himself
up to his full height and 
used the fancy voice
(that was already starting to chide Mustard). 
"Why is a warrior such as yourself wearing the
common cloth mask of a plebeian? 
You deserve a hi-tech helmet like my compatriot and I!" 
The driver stood silently, he was now gripping
a wrench and his brow was furrowed. 
Then without warning...
The driver pinged Azu good and used the distraction to
close the distance and put Azu to the ground, hard.
Mustard, shocked at the sudden violence, held perfectly still. 
"I don't wear a fancy helmet because I can't afford one, 
but maybe I'll take yours!"
The driver pinned Azu under his boot. 

Holding up a hand in protest, Azu pleaded,
"You got the wrong idea!
I'm here with a gift....for you....!" 

The driver moved his foot and let Azu
lean up on his knees.
Azu opened his palm and generated a simple hologram.
"I know everything about you Death Worshiper.
And I can offer you the helmet of your fallen idol,
The Death Knight
You can take up his mantle and
together we will continue his mission
to smash the Knights of the Slice!" 

The driver smiled under his mask. 
Suiting up, the driver tore a red blanket that
was acting as upholstery for his car's front seat,
fashioning a quick cape.
The helmet whirred to life and the driver exhaled...

Azu admired how great his new friend looked. 
"You are now the ReDeather.
Together we are the D-Trio
And we bring the end of the KOTS!" 

 To Be Continued...