Forging A Hackerman

In a lab deep on Hadean, Marson waited
impatiently for the process to finally begin.
The thought of having someone executed
for making him wait crossed his mind. 

A blinding tentacle of a deeply luminous
orange started to drip from the machine,
dangling and waiting for the cold steel mold surrounding it. 
Marson stood inspecting the
work of Dr. Mad and Dr. Silver. 
Despite not being a hyperkind,
but rather an inferior earthling,
Mad had proven himself time and time again.
Marson sensed a rivalry between Mad and Silver
that tickled the corner of his mouth into a slight smile.
The two scientists might've taken a moment
to admire their work, had their lives
not been on the line.
A slam of the steel mold deafened them all momentarily. 
Opening as quickly as it had closed,
the raw form of their newest creation
stood before them- HACKERMAN! 
As the necro-plastics started to cool
in the air, the room felt heavy with ozone. 
Suddenly, the Hackerman began
to glow and a loud pop proceeded an
explosion of sparks...directly at the team! 
Marson reflexively lifted his cloak,
while Dr. Mad and Dr. Silver where not so lucky.
Their experiment stood motionless,
staring silently at the chaos it had just unleashed on it's makers. 
Marson stood, unharmed. He was beaming.
His creation was more than acheived violence
 the moment it left the womb.
Silver, bleeding from his left eye and dazed, tended to Mad. 
"Collect Dr. Mad and prepare him for
an emergency cybernetic intervention.
I want him to live in order to enjoy his creation.
And get your eye tended to."
Marson barked, unfazed. 

Now it was time to test their progeny. 
Continued In Terminal Terminus