Zed Star Seven

One of the dark secrets of the Trilobyte Kingdom
is that all technological advancements and labor
is made off the broken backs of slaves. 

The Cherubium (chair-roo-bee-um) are a
bipedal race of humanoids with animal heads,
said to be the descendants of angels.
The enjoy no such status on Hadean,
where they are kept as chattel and forced
to perform tasks both dangerous and menial. 

Zed Star Seven were a popular band of bards
who played songs praising the Trilobyte King.
Once they achieved a bit of success,
their audience widened and their songs
started to critique the Kingdom. 
(above artwork by Dave Dick)
Bomber Bunny is the lead singer and a former ace pilot.
Never being granted the ascension to Hyper Knight,
he instead climbed the ranks by performing
for other troops and raising their spirits with a song.
The military is extremely loyal to him,
as he fought alongside the Hyper Knights
in many campaigns. His voice is said to sound
like butter, and can rally even the
most shell-shocked troop to victory. 
Ferris The Crow is a nervous wreck,
but is endlessly loyal to his bandmates.
A brilliant guitarist, he writes most of
Z*7's songs (but Bomber gets all the credit).
He believes in the mission of escaping
the Trilobyte Kingdom and warning the other realms,
but he lacks the courage to stop complaining
about the choice. He wears big heavy
cloaks to hide his fragile, rail-thin body. 
Homer is a gentle giant, not saying much but
always backing the plays Bomber comes up with.
He's not a particularly skilled drummer,
but the band wouldn't have it any other way.
He has a secret talent of being an amazing
cook and was previously employed
as a prison guard overseeing other Cherubium. 

Behind the Designs- 

It's no secret I've been obsessed with animals
my entire life and many of my "old hero"
creations were just that. It's been a day-one
goal to eventually expand the KOTS to have non-human
creatures and these three represent a big step forward. 
Bomber Bunny is a well known fixture of the Patreon,
even inspiring fan art of his own.
In truth, there have been a few aborted
attempts to make a resin version of Bomber,
but the end casts always had problems with the ears.  
Homer the lizard is probably lesser-known,
but still an old hero from my Childhood,
in fact, the two team up in Homer's (only) comic debut. 

Ferris and the fascination with Ravens (and Crows)
is a much more contemporary obsession.
However, there was at one point and alternate
head (and pieces) for a Desert Rat upgrade
that got scrapped in order to bring Vaughn to life.