Birth of Chameleon Lime

Birth of Chameleon Lime 
Art & Story by Jesse DeStasio 
"There you are! Crawled all this way?
Leaving your friends behind to
be stripped for parts?" Hyper Death cackled
as he sloshed through the river
in pursuit of Mikros Lime.
"Give me a moment while I reload, will you?" 

Hyper Lime knew, with his body
smashed and limbs all but severed,
his escape was a futile effort.
Even with his chest hard drive ripped out,
and the cavity from it firing his pain synapses,
Lime could not surrender.
As the gentle current moving him
ever so slowly from his attacker,
Lime heard the clicking noises
as the weapon was giving Hyper Death a hard time.
It was at that moment Lime noticed
a peculiar formation
in a tree near the bank.
It was a series of sticks and
tightly wound vines, almost like a snare. 

An ancient hunting device?
For catching large fish perhaps? 
Assuming he'd be hit in the back
of the head with a round before he reached it,
Lime took the chance. 
Released tension sprung the stick
loose and an audible twisting of vines
told Lime he had made the right choice. 
Hyper Death had only a moment to look up,
not fully understanding what was happening. 
The next moment provided no clarity either, only an end. 
An end to the sadistic foe
that had terrorized Lime
and deactivated his friends. 
Even with the foe dispatched,
Lime knew his chances were lost.
He accepted his eventual deactivation,
almost looking forward to it.
His body bobbed up and down with the currents,
eventually coming to rest on a rock outcropping. 
What's that?
Could it be?
Lime's logic motors clicked back to life.
Being a nigh-infinite computer,
it was easy for Lime to deduce
this was often used by
the native cultures in healing ceremonies. 

It was not just hocus-pocus,
it there was a scientific basis for it's properties. 
It just might work!
The lizard held still, as if knowing it's purpose.
Lime grabbed it and with considerable force,
slammed the creature into his chest cavity.
It exploded instantly, Lime bellowing
in the sorrow he felt for the creature's sacrifice. 
"It is a sad fact in all worlds...
nothing lives without something else dying."
He recited to himself, a sort of 
morbid prayer.
The plan started to work.
His module surfaces automatically
started to integrate the bio-material,
wiring it's circuitry to envelope
and absorb the carbon and plasma. 
Soon, Lime could feel his limbs regrowing was changing him. 
He could feel his facilities
coming back online, most importantly-
his memory stockpile.
Each Mikros existed as a hard backup
of a living earthling, and his counterpart
was of much importance.
The identity, emotions, and thoughts
of someone else's life came flooding back. 
He was reborn- CHAMELEON LIME
More importantly, he began to remember
the purpose of his departed human-link.
His former world, and existence in general,
was under a great threat. 

It was time to build an army. 

To Be Continued....