Elegy III

Continued from Elegy II

It was technically Raddick's day off,
and while he swore he was going to be productive,
he ended up just scrolling through
the coding of vintage famicom games. His attention
was interrupted by an old trip-alert he had set months ago. 
"What the hell?" Raddick muttered to himself,
"Never thought this was going to happen.
He's actually shown up on radar!" 
Wasting no time, he phoned the person
who'd asked him to keep an eye out for such info. 
"You're not gonna believe this....He just popped on grid."
Raddick exclaimed to CyMa.
"And we can trace the location...
it's a sub-area called Downstar." 

The line was silent.
Raddick waited a moment for her
excited reply but none came. 
CyMa dropped the phone and clicked
her caster wand to life. A crackling noise
came over the line, Raddick feared the line went dead.
Checking his connection, he saw they were still online.
She didn't have word to share with Raddick,
so she just left him hanging
and walked through the vector portal. 
How many times had she even seen him?
There were fuzzy childhood memories,
but he disappeared as her solid
impression started to take shape. 
There was the hospital. The one thing he'd
always told her was to not become a fighter.
Never take up arms. Never go to war.
So that's exactly what she did. 
Had he really been there?
Or had she just been sedated?
Standing in the doorway. 
A look of disgust or pity or disappointment. 
Downstar was bleak and silent.
Color seemed to fade from every part of her.
A crooked monolith sat in a rocky plane.
Even with having never stepped foot there,
she knew where to go. It was automatic.
She already knew what she would find. 
There was another time, again just in a doorway.
She had her appliances at that point.
His face twisted in disgust at her cybernetic augmentation.
What the war had done to her. 

Or was that another hallucination? 
She found exactly what she knew she'd find.
The Chorager. Dead. Pinned to the wall by his own sword.
Body cold.
Long ago she accepted there was going to be no catharsis. 
The tears welled up and she dug
her steel fingers into the rock.
His finalexpression was a blank one. 
Her tears were for what never happened between them,
what could've been. 
Gripping the handle, she tore the sword
out and the body fell to the ground,
her quick reflexes grasping his collar. 
A noise from behind caught her attention.
It was two voices squawking in unison.
"Sister is here!" "Sister has come for us!" 
"What the hell happened here."
CyMa barked through her spinning mind. 
She couldn't entirely trust her eyes,
but she appeared to be talking to
a bisected suit of black armor. 
"Father has fell. The kilbit was false. We don't have long."
The voices spoke at the same time, echoing each other. 

"You are the Chorager now. You will kill the Trilobyte King. Fair were he failed." 

She stared at the creatures with abject indifference.
She watched them twitch and then stop
moving, their color draining out. 

Gripping her father by his straps,
she left the creatures and the monolith,
heading back to the portal. 

Despite their last sentences echoing in her brain,
she swore she would not become The Chorager. 


The End