Elegy II

Continued from Elegy I

A static whirl of energy filled the air as Nobody Knight
appeared in front of the Chorager
"Father! I have it!" Nobody squealed excitedly,
very out of character for his usual stoic disposition.
The workshop the Chorager had created
in the Vector was no bigger than a shipping container,
endlessly spinning in the chaos. To the uninitiated,
it would feel as if you were trying
to stand on a surfboard in a wind tunnel.
But to the Chorager, this had been his world,
his reality, for longer than any other. 
"Just a minute." The Chorager grumbled.
He continued fumbling with the mauser pistol
he had the habit of obsessively striping and
rebuilding when there was something on his mind. 

Nobody was joined by his brother Nebula,
who grabbed & felt the weight of the prize. 

"Is this really kilbit metal?" Nebula asked. 
"That's unknowable." Chorager offered,
grimly wrapping up the work at his desk. 
"Kilbit is an element in constant flux.
There are no traceable qualities to it.
It has no super-position.
I won't know if it's real until I bury it
into the Trilobyte King's neck." 
"But father! If you strike and the blade is false,
he'll tear you to shreds!" Nobody protested.
"Temperance, brother." Nebula offered, "That day is far off." 

The Chorager offered no comfort to his sons.
Destiny was now. Feelings were going to get in the way.
 "Did you get the other thing I asked?" 
"Yes." Nobody offered with slight hesitation.
"Downstar. The name of place where he resides is Downstar." 

"Then I have everything I need. Time to change into pants." 
Moments after gearing up, the Chorager looked to his sons.
He didn't permit himself a second to reflect on them,
their dedication, their help. 
He knew what had to be done. 

"Hold still." Static energy began to swirl as
the Chorager focused on a glowing
light emitting from his cupped hands. 
Nobody showed concern while Nebula accepted his fate,
their two reality planes merging together.
The sound of the crossing was so loud
it registered only as silence. 
A cocoon of white light ensorcelled them
and then fell away. Noise came back into focus
as they emerged a new being...
"we....we feel....different...."
The Chorager had no time to inspect his work,
only hoping the combined strength of his sons
would be enough to aid the battle in front of him. 
Swiping his hand in the air, a vector portal formed.
With the name now-known, the destination
of Downstar awaited on the other side. 

"Let's test this blade," the Chorager offered
before stepping through, followed closely by Neon Knight. 



...Continued in Elegy III