Tales From Pangea Island: Part 1

30+ Years Ago 

“I’m not feeling this, Lince.” Raddick bemoaned, pressing his hand into a patch of slimy moss to steady himself.
“We’re gonna get deleted for going beyond mission parameters.”
Lince paid no mind, hacking away at the vegetation that had prospered below a sinkhole in the ceiling.

“Why do they always start us off with only a big knife? Pfff. Let’s find some guns!”  Lince teased Raddick.
“These worlds always hide the best weapons and items in places off the map.” Lince offered as he clicked to life his trusty lighter. The illumination helped a little.
Raddick followed reluctantly. In some ways he wished Lince was a little more methodical, but he also wished he had a fraction of his partner’s fearlessness. In the faint light they could make out a wide hole in the floor, endlessly black.
Lince perched over the opening, squinting to try and see. The creators always left the most valuable things in hard to reach places. Lince had a buzzing in the base of his neck that told him he was onto something. Raddick risked a glance into the abyss. Was something moving down there? 
Raddick finally got up the nerve to protest. 
“You’re crazy! We aren’t supposed to be here. Were gonna get glitched out of existence. Let’s get out of here.”
Lince shrugged off his partner’s urges, “Give me a minute. I think I see something.” 

Suddenly the ground started to shake, as if the gods had been angered.
Raddick’s teeth rattled inside his mouth.
Lince tried not to flinch but felt the lighter hop out of his hand.
In a misguided attempt, He reached forward to catch their only source of light.
Raddick would replay this moment in his mind nearly everyday. Was Lince conscious when he hit the ground?
It was an easy heel-turn from there. Stop being the hero and start renting yourself out as a henchman. Maybe line up a slot as a level boss after a few cycles...or hell, wait for the sequel and maybe get a spot on the cover as the main villain. 
When you don’t have anyone to care about, it’s easy. Take the credits. Give the player a good show. Live a safe life. 
Stay within the boundaries.


Continued In Tales From Pangea Island Part 2 (coming soon)