Raddick: Dossier

*Secret Communiqué* 

To: Fred
From: Airemare 
Re: The Subject of Interest

Mr. Fred- 
My spies have successfully tailed the entity known as Raddick to what we believe is his home base. 

- Subject's Domicile - Long Range Scan Capture - 

Upon leaving Mars, a drone tracked Raddick to an unnamed swamp and then to this house boat. Construction material appears to be scrap metal and wood, no unique composites. Pterosaurs fly in close proximity to it, but it's unclear if those are pets or perhaps guarding the premises. 

- Subject In Question- Long Range Scan Capture - 

Subject was observed feeding a head of lettuce to a manatee. Curious behavior for an entity with an enormous price on his head (i.e., he should not be out in the open)

- Domicile Schematic - A.I. Estimate Based On Scan Data - 

Subject was not seen exiting the house boat after that. Scans indicate no life forms on board. Curiously, our data indicted Raddick is in possession of the Sunlight Capsule. It is likely being used to power the house boat and his primitive tech. 

The living quarters are quite spartan. Early man technology mixed with prehistoric materials. An outdated Holo VR Console is likely his access to other levels but would not plausibly provide an unseen exit from this area. 

In closing- to your initial query, it is still undetermined if Raddick is 1) A Vector Entity 2) A human with the ability to cross from the Vector to our plane 3) An avatar for some unknown user. 

More information as it is gathered. 

With Regards,


P.S. I look forward to meeting your representatives in Turbo Atoll.