Krosszskulls II

Bolinger Burton (the current Teal in the Order of the Knights of the Slice)
is on a little "recreational mission" whilst visiting Harbor Noir.

"Please leave the pizza there, your money is under the mat." 
"You don't know me, but maybe you recognize this outfit?" 
"These were my Dad's. You met him!
Think back....Iraq. 1993." 
"Big guy, could turn even bigger at will...
but aged quickly in that state.
Made his ticker weak.
Any of this ringing a bell? Codename- Crush?" 
"There we go! That's it! A little fight left in the ruskie, huh!" 
"Anyways, I've been waiting for this day for a long time. 
Surprised to find you hiding out in the evil empire." 
"Hmmm....thought they'd be more left in you.
What happen to your genetic superiority?" 
"Come on get up! Fight me!" 
"Nothing? Ok, let's see who our mystery man is!" 
" Я был самым красивым мальчиком в деревне"

"Yeah, that's what they all say..." 
Dedicated to Ioannis Simiakakis
Translation by Yulia Nefedova
Dossier artwork by Eric Bonhomme