Who Is Azu Lado?

CyMa was in grief over the death of Grasshopper. But she processed her grief in the same fashion all humans have to in this glorious modern age- she went to work. 

Wiping down the bar at Jumbo's, she hoped for a busy shift to keep her mind occupied. She allowed herself a vain glance at her new orange hair (a brand skin DLC she had treated herself to) in the curved reflection of a bottle of cinnamon-flavored booze. 

She must've been lost in thought since a stranger appeared in front of her, before her normally quick reflexes picked up on the intrusion. 

"Greetings. I am Azu Lado!" He rasped in a mechanically-tinged voice. 

Her eyes narrowed and her words came out pointed, "Put the cannon down slowly. No guns allowed in here. And this is a Aug-only bar." 

Azu laughed, but his blank dome did not betray any features beneath.
"I assure you, I am quite Augmented." 
He set the shotgun onto the bar top and leaned in. Without looking down, CyMa let her hip brush the handle of her hold-out pistol, just to ensure it was still in it's place. 
Azu continued, "You don't know me, but I know everything about you. Such a fascinating woman. A revolutionary mind! You've been financing the Hyper Knight rebellion, providing cash and intel. Giving those boring warrior types a chance at a better life? Or setting yourself up for a power grab in whatever comes next?" 

CyMa rolled her eyes and pretended to be unsurprised by this info. Secretly she was terrified, all the painstaking care she had taken to obfuscate her activities (different avatars, body doubles, ghost-navigators) were clearly not working. There had been a breach somewhere, somehow. 
"You going to drink something or not?" She spat. Who was this guy? 
Azu spoke again. "I want something more than a drink. I want to offer you the chance to make a real change to the system. One meager rebellion in an alternate world is noble, but doesn't help the day-to-day life you find yourself in." 

She eased up a little. He was probably just a wanna-be freedom fighter. His way of talking seemed fancy, but betrayed a lower caste putting on airs. 
"Recognize this outfit under here? Of course you do!" He teased. "You work for the Knights of the Slice, don't you? Provide intelligence, go on missions, etc. Siphon that cash over to the Radical Hypers so they can fight their war against the Trilobite King." 
"If you have a point, get to it soon." CyMa cautioned. 
"I actually think it's smart. You get paid by one totalitarian regime in order to fight another. But make no mistake...Fred Foods and the KOTS are fascists. You'll eventually have to reckon with them. And when you do, call Azu Lado...because I want in!" 
Azu stuffed his shotgun into his cloak, started to walk away and then spun dramatically-
"If you doubt the value I can bring, go check out a planet called Gaoa. It's not easy to find. But there is a little mess there you'll probably want to clean up. And ...uh....wear a hat. Something in the ten gallon range." Azu swished his cape, then turned and left. 

She exhaled as he finally left the room. There was something amateurish but unnerving about him. CyMa had a bad feeling this guy was trouble.