CroMega & Cen-5


In Nov. of 2019, an attempt to create 4 of the thickest boys ever was undertaken.

The AFOTM 2020 campaign gave life to Raddick & Hackerman, but that victory left behind Cen-5 and CroMega

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Now, we have a chance to rescue those absolute units we left behind on the battlefield. The goal is $10,000 USD for each character, with additional unlockable gear & accessories along the way. If the total goal of $30,000 is reached, A SPECIAL BONUS ROUND IS UNLOCKED WITH SECRET REVEALS

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(3D renders of the characters)



A mining robot used on Pangea Island, Cen-5 disobeyed his programming to rescue a smaller drone bots during a cave-in. For his bravery, he was unceremoniously deactivated and tossed in the junk heap. Eventually, Cen-5 is salvaged and becomes the host body for an experiment to revive a dead hero's brain. 

Possible Colorways: 

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The ruler of Pangea Island, an anomalous world were dinosaurs roam, CroMega has recently become more cruel and twisted in his reign. It's almost as if the once renowned warrior-king is being controlled by some unknown force. 

His latest move, opening up Pangea Island's resources to outside profiteers, is a step too far. Rebellion forces have formed to push back against him. Full scale war seems inevitable. 

Possible Colorways: 

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(Above: resin prototypes)


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