My name is Rebel.
You might not know me, but they made a damn comic book about me.
To catch you up real quick-
Can you believe it? My damn life spilled out for all to read
in some graphic novel for nerds.
Just another commodity for Fred Foods to cash in on.
I never saw a penny! 

Anyways, you're probably wondering what happened next. Well....
...I spent some time cruising the vector....
I couldn't tell you how long. 
Could've been a lifetime or just a few seconds. 
When I got back to (our) earth, several years had gone by. 
Seems everyone I knew or had come into contact with 
made an harsh exit. 
Gamma walked himself into a nuclear reactor...
Bumble got stabbed in the neck...
Even those jokers who burned off my limbs, they got theirs.
Speaking of which...
All this vector travel burned away my replacement limbs.
Had to get full synthetic refits, put it on credit. 
That interest is gonna kill me, so it's time to take up 
a little bounty hunting to pay the bills. 

I guess you could say, I'm back!
But I couldn't help but feel
I was missing something. 
I needed answers! 
I decided to go old-school and
flip through a newspaper. 



Looks like I'm heading for Harbor Noir!