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Johnny the Jack of Hearts

Johnny the Jack of Hearts


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To say Johnny The Jack of Hearts (aka Johnny Heart) is "out there" would be a bit of an understatement. The masked man of mystery of the M.O.F.O.s, Johnny spends his free time watching static on a flat screen tv. That and he meditates, loves stabbing people with screwdivers, and claims to see into other dimensions. It's possible a lifetime of acid abuse or other narcotics led him to a permanently paranoid state, but his total lack of fear of bodily harm has proven incredibly useful to the team. Johnny has died and been rebirthed more times than anyone else on the team, in fact, he seems to enjoy blowing himself up to complete a mission. His current debt balance at the Genessary is in the negative 7 figures. 

His theme song is: "Angry Johnny" by POE 

Dispatched to Harbor Noir, Johnny has to disrupt and exterminate an influential meeting between King Zog of the Hyper Knights and Heart Knight from Pizza Shunt. 

Figure includes carbine and sighted revolver. 

Make sure you pick up the Turbo Atoll / M.O.F.O.S combo comic to read the story being the Men of Felonious Occupations! 

Note: Adult Collectibles. These items are not Toys. Ages 15+ Only. 

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