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Sub City Away Team Captain

Sub City Away Team Captain


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Directly in charge of all external threats and missions, the Sub City Away Team are the elite, tier-1 operators who exterminate any foreign bad actors. The seasoned warriors used to be praised for the violence in the theater of war, but now as the years wind on they start to question if blood-lust in service of a greater calling is still blood-lust. Truth be told, the Captain hasn't even fired a gun in a decade...and he's not so sure he'd be able to if the situation called for it. He retires every night to a small bunk not much bigger than quarters on a submarine, were he'll sit for hours staring into the metal lattice shapes on the ceiling above. Men like him used to be praised. Quickness to attack used to be the same thing as bravery, but it's still taking another human's life. The way the Captain sees it, you either come out of war addicted to the chaos, or you become reticent to doom anyone else's children to the pointlessness of interventionist conflict.
But hey, fun fact!, his codename is Santa One!

Be sure to check out the Duster Coat accessory, which pairs nicely with this figure. 

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